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Star Wars Stormtrooper - Comikaze 2014 #Cosplay by LeeAnna Vamp

Star Wars Female stormtrooper - when planning my future female stormtrooper cosplay this is the shape armour I want, it looks feminine without any of that exact boob shape armour, which looks rubbish

Happy new year! The #medicalfrigate leads the Rebel Fleet into the new year - with the #milleniumfalcon in tow :) All those engine greeblies were a pain to put on, but the results were worth it :) And yes, it is all #lego :) Fingers crossed for an awesome 2017! #legophotography #instalego #legostarwars #starwarslego #starwars

Lego star war rebel fleet : This is awsome, this person must not have kids. Because it would never stay like this with my son.

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