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a tray filled with lots of different types of candies on top of green grass
Party Like a Pineapple Birthday Party | Kara's Party Ideas
three people standing in a room with drawings on the wall and one person holding up a piece of paper
i can draw like a champ! | By Tom Mabe | Oh gosh, a little more. Okay. Got it. Yep, go. You guys follow brothers? What is happening there? I'm on the drawing. I know it. I want to get it. Huh. That's interesting. Okay. Dad, keep going. That's it. That's what. I just. That's what it felt like a lot of people Feel like a picture. I'm so interested to see what Tom draws. I got it. I bet I get closer to anyone. Based on what Eric's doing, I don't know about that. Eric, I don't know what. When I tell you just felt like There you go. My turn. I'm not going to draw what you just drew. I'm going to draw what I heard Emma do. A pizza. Huh. Okay. Everybody show theirs to the camera. This is what it started with. A house. Not close but kind of close. And then Megan True. Based on what I what I was going off of. Okay go ahead.