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green lentil and beetroot burger. #vegan.

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My granny kindly gave me this mini ceramic cake mold... So I made a marble cake. I made it using oat grits, buckwheat flour, coconut oil, cacao powder, pinch of cinnamon, baking soda and sweetened it with one date that I mashed up :) It tastes really nice but I think next time I might add a bit of apple sauce to make it more moist.

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Black bean brownie muffins with walnuts.

A chocolate cheesecake with strawberries I made for my aunt

Millet and amaranth carrot hearts

Oat cakes with low-fat cream cheese and dates.

Spelt apple strudel. Sugar free and vegan.

Vegan pumpkin sauce with chickpeas. #vegan #gluten-free

A Friday experiment - black bean brownie muffins with walnuts. Delicious, amazing, sugar free and vegan.

Split pea soup and my sourdough buckwheat bread