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This R/C Cybertruck might be the coolest yet.

CyberMini is a Miniature Remote-Controlled Tesla Cybertruck - The Flighter

Always wanted a remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck, or at least a miniature scale model? If so, then look no further than the CyberMini.

A robot spy tries to blend in with its animal counterparts.

Undercover Spy Robot Goes for a Dip in the Spa with Snow Monkeys

This segment from Spy in the Wild 2 - The North, a British nature documentary television series that is produced by BBC Natural History Unit, John Downer Productions and PBS, shows a robot spy macaque trying to blend in with the others. For those most part, the spy remains unnoticed, and thanks to w

This could be the next foldable Motorola smartphone...

Motorola RAZR 2 Foldable Smartphone Leaks - The Flighter

The first-generation Motorola RAZR foldable smartphone was released on February 6, 2020, and its successor, the RAZR 2, adds a few new features.

Handheld machine lets you print temporary tattoos in seconds at home...

First Look at Prinker S, a Handheld Temporary Tattoo Printer - The Flighter

Many have either seen or used decal-style temporary tattoos, but what about Prinker S? This temporary tattoo printer basically sprays ink...

This home arcade cabinet lets you relive the golden age of arcades, complete with online multiplayer.

Arcade1Up Marvel vs. Capcom Cabinet with Online Multiplayer Now Available for Pre-Order

Arcade1Up announced this week that their previously revealed Ms. Pac-Man ($449.99), Marvel vs. Capcom ($499.99) and X-Men vs. Street Fighter ($499.99) cabinets are now available for pre-order. The latter two are both equipped with Wi-Fi to allow players to connect with friends online and compete wit

This watch is inspired by samurai helmets...

Casio's G-Shock MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru Watch was Inspired by Samurai Helmets

Limited to just 400-units worldwide, the Casio G-Shock MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru watch draws inspiration from the traditional kabuto (helmet) worn by Japanese samurai. The watch was modeled after Shougeki-Maru, an original kabuto piece that was commissioned for MR-G, resembling what Japanese samurai

Company unveils the world's first drone designed to fight high-rise building fires...

EHang Showcases New Intelligent Firefighting Drone - The Flighter

China-based eVTOL developer EHang has their latest project, an intelligent firefighting variant of its 216 autonomous drone called the EHang 216F.

An Apple AirPods alternative that packs huge sound...

OnePlus Buds Pack Big Sound Into a Budget-Priced Package

Anyone seeking an AirPods alternative should consider the new OnePlus Buds, which packs high-tech features like Warp Charging, while delivering high-quality audio playback. What is Warp Charging? Just a 10 minute charge is enough to keep the music going for up to 10 hours, thanks to its 430mAh batte

Hands-on with the new LEGO NES.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) Gets Unboxed and Reviewed

Photo credit: Gamespot At 2,646-pieces, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) will take most fans several days, if not weeks, to build, but the first review has already rolled in. Just to recap, the CRT television has a handle-operated scrolling screen and if the action brick is scanned by

This bat was designed to hit explosive home runs.

Engineer Installs Piston in Baseball Bat That Lets You Hit Explosive Home Runs

Engineer Shane Wighton has created many sports-related machines in the past, but this one may be the coolest yet. Simply put, it's a baseball bat equipped with an explosive piston that almost always guarantees a home run. However, this isn't a project just anyone can try, as Wighton had to fabricate

This foldable electronic ink display can also take notes...

Foldable E-INK Reader Can Also be Used to Take Notes, Thanks to Wacom Technology

Folding smartphones have been around for years now, but could the same technology be used on e-readers? The E Ink Corporation - the company that founded the digital paper tech - wants to make it happen. Their latest prototype is a foldable e-reader prototype that features a secure hinge, five dedica

A lower end next-gen Xbox may have been confirmed by this leak...

Xbox Series S Controller Leaked, Confirms Lower End Next-Gen Console

Photo credit: Zak S | Ars Technica There's been rumors about a lower end Xbox console to complement the Series X, and these leaked controller images from Twitter user Zak S may have just confirmed it. This controller utilizes the same wireless protocol introduced by the Xbox One, and is backward co

This portable PC packs a 64-core processor and costs more than a new car...

Mediaworkstations a-XP is a Portable 64-Core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X PC

When you need an ultra powerful PC in a somewhat portable package, look no further than the Mediaworkstations a-XP. At $11.6K, the upgraded model features AMD's 64-core 128-thread Ryzen Threadripper 3990X CPU, NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super Blower Edition graphics, 32GB of RAM and a 250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plu

This 59-foot-tall Gundam is now complete...

Life-Sized Gundam Mecha Robot Now Complete with Head, Here's a First Look

Photo credit: ガンダムチャンネル The Gundam Factory Yokohama has just completed its life-sized mecha this week, and some eager fans have managed to capture some early shots for your viewing enjoyment. Not just a sculpture, this 59-foot-tall robot boasts 24 degrees of freedom, allowing it to walk, which may

Samsung's latest foldable smartphone is larger than ever...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unveiled, Here's a Hands-On Look

Its predecessor may not have been the most popular foldable smartphone, but Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 aims to change that with a few enhanced refinements. Simply put, it combines the portability and flexibility of a smartphone, but adds the power and screen size of a tablet for ultimate productivity

A new Intellivision game console is coming, here's a first look.

Intellivision Amico Video Game Console Reboot Delayed Until 2021, Will Get Earthworm Jim 4

Intellivision Entertainment announced today that its Amico video game console, the modern reboot of the iconic classic, is now scheduled for release in April 2021. Several partnerships were also announced, including Mattel, which will bring a racing game based on the popular Hot Wheels franchise to