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20 Web 2.0 Tools that are important in the classroom
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Classmint allows students to create beautiful and audible flash cards to study from. Classmint allows you to include pictures in your flash cards in order to help you retain the information that you are learning in class.

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With Pinterest, teachers and students are able to organize and share craft ideas, lesson plans, and inspirational quotes through a virtual bulletin board. Pinterest also allows students to express themselves safely online by pinning things that are of interest to them.

Easy Bib allows students to safely and properly cite their resources without plagiarizing. This Web Tool is very important because it leads students to the proper form of citation with papers, presentations and any projects that they refer to outside references!

Edueto is a great Web 2.0 Tool for both teachers and students. Teachers are able to create a virtual classroom and assign work to their students. Teachers are able to create many assignments for students. Such as, quizzes, matching activities, surveys, writing, equations and much more!! Students are able to do the activity that their teacher assigned to them. While the students are working on their assignments, the teachers are able to track their progress as they move along.

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