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a three tiered cake with the silhouettes of people on it
90Th Birthday Cake
90th Birthday cake for grandpas.
an image of a vase with flowers in it and a framed wedding sign on the table
Wedding Party Gifts
DIY First Toast Champagne Cork Memento - Digital File More
an info board with different types of items on it and the words, how to use them
The Roadmap to a Successful Event
After one year of living and breathing a variety of events, both big and small, Kapow Events identified some core components of each stage of an event
the party planning checklist is shown in red and white with pink trimmings
party planning 101 {with printable checklist}
party planning checklist | www.therefurbishedlife.com | Complete party planning checklist to help you plan the perfect party or event!
the ultimate guide to how much to serve at a party info poster, food and drinks
If you're self-catering or preparing a buffet, here's a handy guide to portions:
Damit Du besser einschätzen kannst, welche Mengen Du für die Feier benötigst. Das kann manchmal ganz schön unübersichtlich werden und wenn man kein Profiveranstalter ist (oder Mama, die sowas immer weiß), hilft eine Mengenangabenliste enorm
an info sheet with the words event budget written in different languages and numbers on it
How to build an event budget - Infographic
How to build an event budget - Infographic from Planning Pod. Useful for any student organization!
wine glasses on a table with people in the background and text overlaying it
10 Essential Tips For A Beginner Event Planner
10 Essential Tips for a Beginner Event Welcome to Event Planning 101, where the sun always shines, and nothing can go terribly wrong. There’s nothing that tough about being an event planner. You just have to plan and design an event from scratch, right? A piece of cake. Read More: http://www.classycareergirl.com/2016/07/event-planner-beginner-tips/
a table with flowers on it and the words 5 steps to starting your own event planning business
First Steps in Launching Your Own Event Business
5 Steps to Starting Your Own Event Planning Business / Start an Event Planning Business / How to be an Event Planner / Event Planning Courses