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an aerial view of a castle with water and mountains in the background
Did you know California has a castle?! 😱 🏰 @thecastello has got to be one of the coolest wineries I’ve been to. It’s built in... | Instagram
a lake surrounded by trees and mountains with the sun setting in the distance behind it
The Ultimate Heart Lake Camping Travel Guide | gracefkim
The Ultimate Heart Lake Camping Travel Guide
a small house in the middle of a forest with a bench next to it that says did you know there's a magic wonderland in the san francisco bay area?
California Wayfaring | Did you know there’s a magical wonderland right in the San Francisco Bay Area? It comes complete with a Disney princess cottage, a life... | Instagram
an image of a bridge and water with the caption no this isn't oregon
BRI SEABERG🦋Travel Blogger | Location reveal below👀🌊 📍Russian Gulch State Park located in Mendocino, California is about 3 hours north of San Francisco! It�... | Instagram
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a river
Big Sur has announced a reopening date of Memorial Day weekend so save @bigsurriverinn for your visit this summer. This is one of the mo... | Instagram
a river running through a forest filled with lots of tall pine trees on top of it
an old building covered in green ivy with the words cold spring tavern written on it
This is a must stop location on your next road trip to Santa Barbara! It’s called @coldspringtavern and it’s very popular not only fo... | Instagram
a house in the woods with lots of windows and a roof that is made out of bricks
a house in the woods surrounded by trees and rocks, with a stone pathway leading to it
The Gingerbread House in Mt. Baldy, California
a pink house with green trim and stone chimney
Secret passageways in Carmel by the sea 😍 Carmel-by-the-Sea is renowned for its fairytale-like village charm. This enchanting place c... | Instagram
the beach is full of people and water
There is something about this beach that always gets me — I feel instantly transported here. Located in Monterey County, this is Lovers... | Instagram
two people walking down a dirt road in the middle of blue flowers
Vishwas Lokesh | This is San Marcos right now. And no, we are not April Foolsing you, though we know it looks more like Provence than SoCal. The hills of ... | Instagram
stairs leading up to the ocean with red flowers on them and an arch in the middle
Natalia Hasenkampf | San Diego + Travel on Instagram: "Only 1 h from San Diego 🤯 Have you heard or Los Portales de Garcia? This restaurant has been on my list for over 2 years now and I finally went last Monday! Loved the aesthetic of this place 🤌🏻 and thought the food was decent as well! We had some ceviche, shrimp and ahi tuna! Crossing the border: Honestly, it was relatively easy, at least crossing from the USA to Mexico went smooth! On the way back we were supposed to take Sentri lane but missed it so ended up being in the normal lane it took us 2h longer to cross. It was super easy but just took forever. If you can get Sentri because it will literally safe so much time on the way back. Driving in Mexico was also totally fine. We had no issues and now will plan more trips t
a tent set up on the side of a mountain with trees and rocks around it
Thousand Island Lake near Mammoth, California | Somewhere Sierra