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an aerial view of a castle surrounded by trees and mountains in the distance with clouds overhead
Johannes Hulsch | Germany | The history of Church of the Holy Cross at Doliana of Krania dates back to the 17th century surrounded by massive Koziakas mountains. ⛰... | Instagram
an aerial view of a bridge over a river with rocks and grass in the foreground
The World Traveler | The Kalogeriko Bridge is a historic stone bridge located in Grevena, Greece, constructed in the 18th century. It spans over the Venetikos... | Instagram
a person sitting on top of a large rock next to a valley with mountains in the background
You might want to save Meteora in your bucket list and visit it before it becomes too popular ✨ It’s very probably the most epic plac... | Instagram
a boat floating on top of a large body of water next to a lush green hillside
GEORGIA PANTAZI on Instagram: "THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO HAVE A MAMA MIA SUMMER @travelwithus_gr follow for more 💎 of Greece 💫 📍 Skopelos #reels #travel #greece #greeceislands #tlpicks #cntraveler #mammamia2 #2024 #welivetoexplore #beautifuldestinations #visitgreece #summer #skopelos #traveling #greece🇬🇷"
an old stone bridge over a river in the middle of a lush green forest filled with trees
Plaka-Brücke, Ioannina, Epirus, Greece
some small houses are sitting on a ledge with text overlay that reads top things to buy in greece
What to Buy in Greece: Your Complete Souvenir & Gift Guide [2023]
an empty road surrounded by trees with no leaves on the tree lined street and one car driving down it
Rhodes the emerald island of the Mediterranean Sea
an old stone bridge with steps leading up to it
Picturesque Meteora & Zagori | Kudos Life Experiences
two people walking across a stone bridge over a river
an old stone bridge over a small river
an old stone bridge over a river in front of a lush green hillside covered with trees
Kalogeriko Bridge, Ioannina. Built 1814
an old stone bridge over a small river
a stone bridge over a blue pool surrounded by autumn foliage and trees with orange leaves on the ground
Kleidoniavistas bridge
stairs leading up to the top of a mountain in a cave like area with large rocks on either side
Pictures of Minoan Art, Greece - Stock Photos | Paul E Wiliams Photographer Photography Library
an old church in the middle of a mountain range with mountains in the background,
St. Germanos Church, Agios Germanos, Prespes Photo from Agios Germanos in Florina