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Tomas Bata (3 April 1876 Zlín - July 12, 1932 Otrokovice) and his brother Anton ml. and sister Anna Bata shoe company founder and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his time.

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Otto Wichterle (1913–1998) was a Czech chemist and inventor, best known for his invention of modern contact lenses.

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Palacký František, 14.6.1798 - 26.5.1876

Miroslav Zikmund & Jiří Hanzelka, legendary Czech travellers. During their travels, they wrote hundreds of reportages for press and radio, shot dozens of short documentaries, several feature films, as well as tens of thousands of photographs. Their phenomenal work is significant and unique both in terms of its scope, the value of its collected facts and its overall artistic quality, all a result of the precise and diligent preparation that preceded their expeditions. Great inspiration for…

Dr. Emil Holub (1847-1902). Czech traveller, author of the first map of Victoria Falls. His works about Zambie and Zimbabwe are valued even today...

Já. O mozku, vědomí a sebeuvědomování Autor: František Koukolík