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an advertisement with lemons and rosemary on it for williams's sonoma syrup
a chalkboard sign that says keep bugs away from the plant these basil mequites and flies
Plants that repel bugs, Planting flowers, Plants
how to fold jeans | proper way to fold jeans
How to Roll Decorative Bath Towels
A quick and easy way to roll your bath towels to step up your bathroom decoration. Credit.. @EffectiveSpaces
Hang Cardigans
the ingredients to make this dish include orange juice, lemonade, and tea
Copycat Starbucks "Medicine Ball Tea" Is the Only Thing to Make When You Have a Sore Throat
a bottle of deodorant next to a lemon
I Bought My Oils…Now What?
Potpourri, Lemon Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils