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step by step instructions on how to make a vase
How to Turn Basically Anything into a One-of-a-Kind Table Lamp
Transforming Lamps with Spray Paint
a blue shelf with baskets and books on it in front of a fenced area
Recycled Old Dresser Makeover - Spoonful of Imagination
I turned an old dresser with broken drawers into a piece that I now love! Come see how to do it, so you can do it too!
an old dresser is transformed into a planter
Misfit Dresser Makeover
Thrift Dresser Gets a Rustic Chic Makeover
a wooden shelf filled with lots of books and vases next to a white wall
Rustic Decor Inspiration
rustic decor inspiration, dining room ideas, home decor, kitchen design, kitchen island
a wooden crate sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a brick wall
30 Creative DIY Storage Ideas
several wooden shelves stacked on top of each other
15 Adorable Gardening Furniture Projects with Wood
a white shelf filled with lots of towels and other items next to a potted plant
Use These 23 Ways to Decorate With Wooden Crates #bathroomdecor
Use These 23 Ways to Decorate With Wooden Crates Do you have a vintage crate you want to repurpose? Learn how to transform and style wooden crates in clever and functional ways in your home decor.