Takateki Aritakaru

Takateki Aritakaru

Takateki Aritakaru
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Bizarro 0_0

as a major fan of rakan and xayah (and less so if jinx or kayn) this hurts my feels pretty good. but also its really nicely drawn so as an appreciator of art, this is going on my board

Poor Talon

Wakey wakey, Talon baby Cassy wants to play~ Talon and Cassiopeia from League of Legends© Riot Games Inc. Love of Legends - Toxic

리그 오브 레전드

The League Fan Art Showcase features exceptional League of Legends Fan Art from around the world.

Morning Dump (36 Photos 3 gifs) - Suburban Men

"I ate a Bible tonight." "I think I helped. Sorry, Jesus." My weims ate one of my Bibles I had scripture for one end of my back yard to the other and through my house. I guess they wanted to spread the good word.