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I'm too tired to get up and kill myself, but if I was about to get hit by a bus, I'm not sure I'd move.

looking straight ahead with the gun by his ear, "you think I'm scared?" he asked. slowly turning his head, hawk looked straight into the eyes of his enemy, "Go on, pull the trigger.

Something I definitely's sad though like I want to trust people but no one has really ever understood. I've only found people that understand on Here but still have no one to talk to :/

pistanthrophobia: fear of trusting someone. (i am "pist" that a human caused me fear?

Day 5: the thing i hate about self harm if hiding. I hate the fear someone will see my cuts.

depressed depression lonely pain hurt eating disorder anxiety alone fat help self harm self hate cut cutter cutting Scar nothing insecure ignored important worthless mental illness liar scarred selfish bitter anxious overwhelmed mentally ill no-one

Feel the pain and depression I felt. Feel the hate I do every time I Look in a mirror.

Walk a mile in my shoes.legs wrapped in barbed wire. My whole body often feels like this. My Life with Psa

No kidding. I love my demons more than anything. They are always there for me. When my family took my blades they helped me get one they always will care

Victims of bullying are the literal definition of sadness & depression. They hv no one to speak to, letting their negative thoughts eat them up, very slowly. I time, demons/negative thoughts are what that make these victims feel better.