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Sylwia Grey
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Day 5: the thing i hate about self harm if hiding. I hate the fear someone will see my cuts.

depressed depression lonely pain hurt eating disorder anxiety alone fat help self harm self hate cut cutter cutting Scar nothing insecure ignored important worthless mental illness liar scarred selfish bitter anxious overwhelmed mentally ill no-one

No kidding. I love my demons more than anything. They are always there for me. When my family took my blades they helped me get one they always will care

Victims of bullying are the literal definition of sadness & depression. They hv no one to speak to, letting their negative thoughts eat them up, very slowly. I time, demons/negative thoughts are what that make these victims feel better.

Yes, the Heart and MIND do work with each other..... I just want Peace Of MIND & Happiness !! 9-7-13 ~Robin

It honestly feels like it. My thoughts are going crazy, anger, hate, heart ache. Im going to rip my hair out soon, Why in the heck is my mind doing this? Something subconscious is going on and I cannot tell what it is.