Old world charm in this antique copper tea kettle on a wrought iron stand.

Concept Modeling For Metallic Sculpture : – Picture : – Description Antique Copper Tea Kettle Teapot – Wrought Iron Stand – Tea Pot Warmer – Metalware Aged Patina Vintage Character -Read More –

✿Basket fruits & Vegetables✿ Stella Bruwer

By Stella Bruwer white enamel cup, coffee pot and urn blue enamel cup.with lid white towel with red stripe cherries

Stella Bruwer

Art Painting by Stella Bruwer includes Lavender on table, this example of Still Life has inspired this exceptionally talented artist. View other Paintings by Stella Bruwer in our Online Art Gallery.

Stella Bruwer

Stella Bruwer white enamel bucket pomegranates and white box in bucket, white towel with red stripe, sugar tin on shabby blue table