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Idée présentation fruits en forme de paon pour goûter anniversaire enfants
Chicken Parmesan Meatballs
Poached Pears with Gingerbread
Vanilla cake with pears
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Chocolate-Cinnamon Pear Loaf Cake. On the outside, this chocolate-spice olive oil cake looks pretty standard, but on the inside, whole pears steal the show. The “wow” factor of this beautiful dessert comes from the easiest step -- you place whole pears directly into the batter, which rises up around them during baking.
Recepty - Tabulky pro vážení bez váhy
"Expression" Inspired by Diamond Power and Juna January 2013
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Vyskúšala som tento čaj z troch prísad - o sedem dní bol môj pás o osem centimetrov chudší!

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