Boomwhacker Rhythm Lesson

Boomwhacker Rhythm Lesson: I don't have enough boomwhackers for the entire class, so I would have students sit in a circle and then pass the boomwhackers after a playing. Will also up the difficulty of the rhythms for older grades.

Rhythm Canons from Smart Rhythms For Fall by Linda Miller

Elementary Music Curriculum for Music Specialists and Classroom Teachers

Rhythm Basketball - Elementary Music Lesson for 4th and 5th Grade - Pitch Publications

Rhythm Basketball - Great Lesson for 4th and 5th

Rhythm Basketball - Elementary Music Lesson for and Grade - Pitch Publications with Shelley Tomich- Good idea! Sports and music together

Vader Jacob meespeelfilm - YouTube

Simply Music's latest interactive screen, which will incorporate live performance workshops using Boomwhackers and Queen's "Don't Stop me Now".