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My brilliant girlfriends & what keeps them going

Portraits of amazing friends of mine who really rock the world. Here they tell what keeps them going.
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I'm a visual learner with a long history of journalling. I must get clear on what is driving me CRAZY. I must see that internal voice purged on paper to fully grasp what is embedded in my core beliefs: private villains telling me "I'm not good/gifted/original enough. ENOUGH already! Airing the negativity out reminds me that I AM the creator of these thoughts. I AM enormous change. I AM softening. I AM radiant beauty. I AM lovable. Syrupy or not, affirmations work. ERICA JAGO -TEACHER…


Sometimes I feel that I cannot live everything that I am. I have always had so many ideas and so many dreams. But there is not enough time and space to live them all. Sometimes this really drives me crazy and makes me sad. Through my yoga and meditation practice or simply through an open ear and a smile of a friend I find my faith again that my life is perfect as it is. MAREN BRAND, YOGA TEACHER, BOOK MARKETEER, GLOBALISTA


I'll get my self-confidence from soccer. It grows when I win a tackle, when I can celebrate with my team or win a thrilling game. Of course I doubt myself at times. For example in school, right before a math exam or when overhearing a stupid comment by a classmate. However, when I am on the pitch, the insecurities are gone. Soccer and my friends help me every day. OLIVIA, 15, LOVES SOCCER AND HAS INITIATED „Gib Gummi“ TO GET HER LOCAL FOOTBALL COURT IN BERLIN REPAIRED.

Salone del Mobile: Mehrnoosh Khadivi x Pollini

What keeps me going? We have no other choice, which is why we just do I guess. I think the one thing I have learned over the years is that if there is a process in place, then we find ourselves on a journey, and eventually something; a resolution, a project, a decision happens. Basically we start to move forward. and once we move, we'll we have new perspective and things can shift again. Otherwise we are truly stuck! DESIGNER MEHRNOOSH KHADIVI OF CRAFTWORKS STUDIOS LONDON