( the absence, where did you get that? — my father. )

"You know how to take that gun apart yet? Radley sighed and flopped back on the motel bed.

He yelled as he peeked past the corner as his tennis shoes skidded on the tiled floor." Io yelped, already running in the opposite direction


She's worked for some of the biggest names including the Golden Trio, the Ballas, and even the Fake AH Crew.

relax sweet heart, you are drowning, and there is nothing you can do about it.

{I took a walk and found a bible floating down the stream. I picked it up to find its words blurred but I knew the scripture. Love thy neighbor}


Which will make the better soldier. A common child who raises themselves in the sticks, learning quick with the consequence of death. Or a child raised in the lab, learning by careful instruction and free of danger.