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Um, like I didn't realize that? You shouldn't have crashed the plane just because I was never going to date you again. LMFAO

Aha My first time skydiving my tandem instructor told me he had a previous 'incident', a joke of course, have to say it still made me laugh although I was about to throw myself from a perfectly good plane for the first time in his trust

funny noobs | Gamer Status: Noob vs Gamer vs No Life

Remember: anyone who is worse than you is a noob. And anyone who is better than you has no life. To make you feel better about yourself :p

Except that's me... :O  Hubby does it too though :)

This is the best of the Gaming Gopher meme. The 50 most common/annoying things that we can possibly do as gamers.

Now that Humans can be Monks in Mists of Pandaria...

I am channeling this.T once punched Chuck Norris at the exact moment he roundhouse kicked Mr.