Ondřej Svoboda

Ondřej Svoboda

Ondřej Svoboda
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I CHOOSE.education over motivation any day and twice on Sunday! Motivation WITHOUT education has a very short shelf life and will always ebb and flow based on uncontrollable occurrences! I want to KNOW enough to impose my discipline at all times!

This Inspires: www.kubikcontainers.com.au

Container House - get or make some cracker / biscuit / cookie boxes and play with them. Think outside the container, use open spaces that you could SIPs, or metal stud or other sustainable materials. Don't forget to think of solar, water and wind.

Digital marketers have many choices when it comes to choosing the marketing systems they use. Choosing the right platforms for marketers is thus critical .

startup infographic & chart The 10 Most Loved Marketing Platforms That Can Help Build Your Business…. Infographic Description The 10 Most Loved Marketing