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a drawing of a doll house with furniture inside
Hufflepuff Bedroom by Alpaga2 on DeviantArt
an image of a house that looks like it is in the middle of a game
Gryffindor Bedroom by Alpaga2 on DeviantArt
four different illustrations of the inside of a house
Hogwart’s dorm rooms (Harry Potter)
four different types of rooms in the shape of houses, with stars and text on them
an article with the caption that reads, there's this thing that all don't seem to get
Setting Hogwarts House Stereotypes Straight
the many faces of actors in harry potter
Actors And Actresses In Harry Potter And Alice In Wonderland - FunSubstance
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts, not all gryffindors are real
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts quote from the movie, i buttery grin
a text message that reads ravenclaw why would they be friends with me?