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Lego's house of worship...

Unusual church, this temporary structure in the Netherlands. It's built not out of LEGO bricks, but Legioblocks — concrete blocks made to resemble LEGO bricks. Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker erected it for the Grenswerk Festival in the city of Enschede.

4650551-01-lh7dH0gQHE17NA-thumbnail-full.png (656×540)

4650551-01-lh7dH0gQHE17NA-thumbnail-full.png (656×540)

Lego house- gotta show this to Tucker... Maybe he'll build us a house with all of the Legos in his floor.

Lego House - Built by James May (of Top Gear fame) this real-life Lego house is both a masterpiece and May’s dream come to life. May came up with the idea for a Lego house after a conversation with friends at the pub. They were talking about what they wou

Steampunk Stargate

steampunktendencies: “ Huge LEGO steampunk wheel keeps the ship rollin’ “ This LEGO steampunk galleon by Chris Wright fits the genre perfectly — a huge steam-powered mega-wheel with a central ship.

The textures and colors on this are amazing!  Love the inset door!

Leodasham Manor: Aquiring Champions :: Dumnonia - Century 'The Age Of Castle'. Hello there, I wanted to try something different and use more basic bricks for this building. I was inspired by a picture of a Warhammer building .