Red Work Quilt

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a bed with white and red bedspread on top of it next to a night stand
Knitionary: redwork
Knitionary: redwork quilt
the embroidery designs are in red and white, but there is no image to describe
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a red and white quilt with snowflakes on it
Christmas around the world: Germany
Red and white pieced quilt with elegant red work embroidery decorating each block. Just beautiful.
an image of children's clothes drawn in colored crayon on white paper
Purrfect Stitchers
Purrfect Stitchers. Sun Bonnet Sue. Good for red work
an image of some cartoon characters drawn in red marker on white paper with black ink
Merry Christmas Sunbonnet Girls
Merry Christmas Sunbonnet Girls Aaah...Sunbonnet girls in Santa hats and red work!
some drawings of different dresses and hats on a white background with pink ink, in the middle
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a drawing of a teddy bear with an umbrella on it's head, in the shape of a heart
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