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the book cover for read people like a book by patrick king, with an image of a
Read People Like a Book: How to Analyze, Understand, and Predict People’s Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions, and Behaviors (How to be More Likable and Charismatic)
a person holding up a book about more than a body, with pink and blue stripes on it
a book titled women who think too much
Women Who Think Too Much – Freakin’ story of my life!
the book cover for when the body says no, which is written in gold and black
When the Body Says No by Gabor Mate | Waterstones
the women's brain book
The Women's Brain Book: The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness by Dr Sarah McKay - Books
the book cover for how emotions are made
a book cover with three trees in the foreground and text that reads highly seductive people in an insenstive world
Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World by Ilse Sand
Acting Opposite to Your Emotion
Acting Opposite to Your Emotion
the power of writing it down
The Power of Writing It Down: A Simple Habit to Unlock Your Brain and Reimagine Your Life