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Valentine Yarn Hearts - a perfect craft for the whole family!

Make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy with these simple and easy Valentine Yarn Hearts. It's the perfect craft for the whole family!

Blythe Baxter

Blythe Baxter

tic tac toe craft activity. Great gift or quiet activity for summer. Kid crafts and summer games.

Tic Tac Toe Rocks Activity or Gift DIY KID CRAFT/GAME PRINTABLE Throw it in your purse to keep the kids busy at a restaurant or give it as a handmade gift or party favor. Tic-Tac-Toe is always a good idea!



Jakou má kdo povahu můžete poznat za pár vteřin...

Nechápu, ale výsledek naprosto přesný :o

art lesson- a step up from the op art lesson we did in 3rd grade this year

art lesson contour lines

Pineapple Notebook | DIY School Supplies for Teens

Material Escolar in Alone With a Paper Caderno *Clique para ver post completo*

DIY crafts can be a lot of fun – many of them are practical, aesthetically pleasing and a blast to work on to boot. Unfortunately, many DIY projects require a lot of resources and time. But don't worry because here are some tutorials that can help you enjoy the perks of homemade crafts without requiring you to spend a fortune on supplies. All you need is some items you probably already have. You can even recycle and reuse old materials! What's best, these crafts are not time-consuming. Go…

Crafty Girls Rock: Design a Mug with Sharpies!

how to bath your guinea pig

(Ok so, you should never bathe a guinea pig in water unless it is absolutely necessary / last resort - but my goodness this is adorable)

A guide to piggy tickles, as seen on the Guinea Pig Fun Facebook page.

Guide to piggy piggy hates it when I tickle her belly