Snowman ❄ Refreshing, right? Decided to go with the snow guy today - he makes us feel cooler. Not only coz he's made of snow, but his ear muffs are something to look at! ❄⛄#madskiingskillstoo Snowman in the summer can be a good #segue into various experiments with #ice and water in general. And no need for fancy stuff - most kids are already pretty impressed with water as it is. #waterlovers #100days100crafts #crafteveryday #snowmancraft

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Pinguïn van hartjes

Over 30 Easy Winter themed crafts for kids to make and fun food treat ideas to brighten the house and classroom! Perfect for winter parties.

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Аппликация «Зимушка-зима» Мастер-класс в технике «бумагопластика»

Аппликация «Зимушка-зима» Мастер-класс в технике «бумагопластика»