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Stázka Kubásková

Stázka Kubásková
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Wish I would've had this for my solar system lesson!

What if the other planets were as close as the moon. -- I wonder if the reason the more distant planets are so much larger is because they are further away from the sun. The planets that are closer to the sun seem to all be much much smaller.

NASA - Andromeda's Colorful Rings

Andromeda's Colorful Rings - The ring-like swirls of dust filling the Andromeda galaxy stand out colorfully in this new image from the Herschel Space Observatory, a European Space Agency mission with important NASA participation.

Patterned Tree

This is one of Axel Erlandson´s "Circus trees" located in Gilroy, California. This "basket tree" was formed by grafting six Sycamore trees together in a diamond pattern.

Crystal ice cave in the Skaftafell national park in Iceland.

Ice cave in the Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. Ice caves collapse and new ones form as each glacier grinds slowly towards the sea. Local guides can help you (without dying) find one. (Visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland.

This Is What The World Would Look Like If Different Stars Replaced Our Sun

The view from Earth if the sun were replaced by other stars. However, the image is somewhat misleading; if essentially any of these stars replaced our sun, several things would be different: