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three white vases sitting next to each other
Porcelain textured tea light holders
Porcelain textured tea light holders - Lauren Ceramics
several white vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to other ceramic objects
Handmade hand carved porcelain lantern, wheel thrown candle or fairy light holder, luminary
This is an exquisite hand made candle holder made of fine, high fire porcelain. It can be used to hold a candle or fairy lights. I love it both ways. In these pictures it is lit with a single jumbo tealight. I made this by throwing it on the wheel, and then manipulating the neck. At the moment I am working on pieces that combine the perfection of the wheel with the more organic feel of hand built pieces. So the neck has been pulled and altered after it was thrown to give this more natural feel.
the website for west elm is displayed with lights
Pierced Constellation Hurricanes & Vases Collection
Pierced Porcelain Hurricanes - Constellation
three white vases with holes in them on a white surface, one is empty and the other two are closed
Brittany Delany Ceramics- Porcelain Tealight Holders
three white vases with black beaded details on the handles and sides, all lined up against one another
Brittany Delaney, UK - porcelain vases Built entirely by hand, The porcelain is folded around & joined with an overlap. A variety of metals are then used to delicately stitch the seam together. These pieces are fully functional, they can hold water and flowers if you wish but they also make a great tealight holder. The translucent porcelain allows candlelight to flicker through the surface emphasising the texture.
a white plate sitting on top of a piece of paper next to some napkins
Пин от пользователя The Bad Banana Girl на доске Terre | Керамические изделия своими руками, Глиняная керамика, Керамическая скульптура
Pin by The Bad Banana Girl on Terre | Clay pottery, Pottery crafts, Slab ceramics
some white flowers are laying on a table
DSHOP Modern Home Decor, Contemporary Furniture, Lighting, Accessories
a hand holding a large white flower in it's right hand, against a gray background
Gardenia Porcelain Wall Flower Beige and White, Wall Hanging Ceramic Sculpture, Wall Décor, Table Decoration
"Introducing our exquisite Gardenia Flower Wall Art Sculpture, meticulously hand-sculpted petal by petal from translucent porcelain to resemble the captivating beauty of a Gardenia flower. **Key Features - This decorative flower wall sculpture is perfect for adding a burst of color and a delightful pattern to your home decor. - Crafted with beige stained porcelain clay, it beautifully contrasts with immaculate white flower decoration. - Left unglazed, the sculpture boasts a stunning satin matte
two green vases sitting next to each other
Minnesota Pottery
Aqua Bottles - 11 x 9 x 6 inches Jan Bilek
a white and blue vase sitting on top of a table
Ceramics by ECHOofNATURE on Etsy • So Super Awesome is also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest •
an animal shaped vase with intricate designs on it
Pots from the past