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How to Make Resort Travel More Culturally Immersive "In the last few years, I’ve begun to notice how little I actually knew about the resort destinations I’ve visited, so here I am with some helpful tips to help you get both the needed rest and relaxation you’re craving, along with a good dose of local culture to keep your mind and spirit active."

Best of the East Coast: Lower Hudson Valley "Just slightly north of New York City is the lower Hudson Valley, one of the most beautiful regions of the state of New York- and hardly ever visited by the millions of tourists flocking to NYC throughout the year. This area features beautiful mountains, scenic river views, orchards, wineries, and all sorts of activities to keep you occupied throughout the year."

How Travel Can Change the World "We all have these fundamental needs and behaviors that are built into our very essence, but it’s so easy to forget that “other” people also experience all of these things. So, the solution: we need to experience how other people experience these things at the expense of our own comfort."

Kicking Travel Fatigue to the Curb "But looking out at the orange and green Bohemian rooftops of Prague and its most famous architecture, I realized that this city is special. At least, this city is special to me. Usually I look out at cities from these viewpoints and I wonder what it’s like to live inside of those roofs, or what life might feel like in that place once you’re past the beautiful exterior. Here, I understand."

My Secrets to Affording Travel "It’s absolutely possible for people living on average wages to get out of their homes and see the world without breaking the bank. After years of attempting to travel as much as possible while studying or working, I’ve finally nailed down a system that allows me to travel as much as I do while maintaining a somewhat normal lifestyle."

I'll be backpacking across Morocco for 3 weeks- follow my blog to join my journey!

Morocco Day 1: Casablanca | Study Hard Travel Smart

After exploring one of the biggest cities in Morocco, Fes, I was happy to head to a smaller town to get a feel of the small-city local culture for a few days. Plus, our tour guide promised that th…

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