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a person holding up a sticker that says hug bears in green and yellow colors
Frogs in a Jar
an illustration of a green frog with big eyes and one eye open, standing in the grass
Leonard Furuberg
Today is my mom’s birthday! So in celebration of my creator’s big day, here’s a little frog!:)
two frogs playing musical instruments and wearing crowns, one with a trumpet in its mouth
four different types of cartoon characters are depicted in this image, including one frog and the other
a cartoon frog sitting in the middle of a pond surrounded by water lilies and lily pads
Magical friends
Magical friends on Behance
a green frog sitting on top of a lily pad
Little Green Frog
Little green frog picture book. Illustrations by Olga Demidova.
an image of a frog sleeping in the water with flowers around its neck and eyes closed
a frog holding an umbrella in the rain
Free Vector | Organic flat frog illustrated
a cartoon frog holding an umbrella in the air
a drawing of a frog sitting on top of a lily pad in the water with dragonflies flying over it
a frog sitting on top of lily pads in the water
Frog, Elysa Ketelaars