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STRIDE 6FT8 Personal Training Facility

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Keiser pneumatic Half Rack & Keiser pneumatic Functional Trainer / Taufan Homan, Owner and Strength & Conditioning Coach @Stride 6FT8

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At Stride 6FT8 you have to take (the) hurdles, not only in your mind, sometimes you actually have to jump! These hurdles from SKLZ are a great way to improve agilty and speed !

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And the Keiser Halfrack is now fully installed, new chin up handles with assist!

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Jump! 20, 24 and 30 inch!

Harpenden.... there is no substitute!

Hell yeah we use ankle hooks!

At Stride 6ft8 Personal Training Rotterdam

Keiser pneumatic Half Rack / Taufan Homan Owner and Strength & conditioning coach @Stride 6FT8

This is what we work with! Heavy weights, so let´s chalk it up!