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My Courses and Programmes

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Here you will find announcements of my free and paid courses, trainings and workshops. Join also on the website:

Learn English Conversation: Join Free Email Course. Do you get lost in real life communication in English? Do you feel lost for words? Do you want to know how to be social and communicative? Learn the patterns and set phrases which you can use in most everyday conversations in English from this free email course by @stordar. @smartlanguagelearning. More on:


A board about my programmes and courses @stordar

Free online webinars for English Learners! We will talk about learning goals and communication in January 2017. Join us live! Register here: @stordar

Exciting group classes)! So much fun and use! The last class of the year) Join us next year! #classes #learnenglish

Onlne course: Solve your English Punctuation Problems! The course is developed to help you master English sentences and punctuation rules in a short time. The series of video lectures will show you easy ways to remember how to structures your sentences in English correctly and how to make your text look intelligent with a good use of punctuation marks. The course is self-paced. Developed by @stordar, @smartlanguagelearning. More on

Online Communication Group – is it what you need? I offer a practical course which will help you to noticeably improve your speaking skills in 2,5 months time. It's a modern project which will help you increase speaking confidence and will teach you communicative techniques for everyday conversation. The link to join: @stordar @smartlanguagelearning