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Madam Moll, Gangster from The Late 20's with her M1928 Thompson in front of a bank safe she just robbed....This is one Lady you didn't piss off....LOL

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WILHELM HOSENFELD (German army officer, helped to hide and rescue several Polish Jews in Nazi occupied Poland, most remembered for helping Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman to survive, hid in the ruins of Warsaw during the last months of 1944, captured and died in Soviet captivity in 1952 from injuries sustained during torture)

Wilhelm Hosenfeld May 1895 – 13 August was a German Army officer who rose to the rank of Hauptmann by the end of the war. He helped to hide or rescue several Poles, including Jews, in Nazi-occupied Poland. He died in Soviet captivity.

Despite the awfulness of her predicament, this Jewish woman manages to smile brightly for the camera as she poses for Hugo Jaeger, Hitler's Personal photographer who captured for history the plight of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland

Images from Nazi Controlled Poland in 1940 by Hitler's personal photographer Hugo Jaeger—Time & Life Pictures/Getty ImagesUnidentified woman, Kutno, Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939