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Obviously not in English however these are get examples for paper plate animal masks




couronnes met oranje en rood wit blauw

For some storytelling time

Let them be King or Queen for the day - or even longer!

Back up Halloween craft

Hello Kitty paper plate craft! Just cut shapes from scrapbook paper and glue to plate. Would be an easy party craft!

could set up a "build a hello kitty" station .

clown                                                       …

clown …

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Snapshot image of Clown Tracing Circles Worksheet

Students will trace the circles in the picture then color the picture of a clown.

укрась клоуна

укрась клоуна

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numbers idea for circus

Kleurplaat carnaval

Kleurplaat carnaval

* Trek een lijn naar dezelfde feesthoed...

* Trek een lijn naar dezelfde feesthoed...


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circus ideas for classwork -CE-