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a chandelier hanging from the side of a light pole on a street corner
Chandelier Streetlight
an abstract white room with plastic covering the floor
Glossary Magazine Art Reviews
the ceiling is decorated with multicolored lights and streamers in an empty room
CLASSIC: Painting Without Paint
a creepy mask with its mouth open on a red background
Ceramic Face Wall Sculpture by blmartinstudios on Etsy
a white statue sitting on top of a black base
New This Week 6-6-2016
a sculpture of a woman with her arms spread out and holding a cloth in front of her face
Seraphina by Michael James Talbot | Calken Gallery
a statue is shown in the dark with its arms outstretched
a bronze statue of a woman holding a long white cloth on top of a black surface
a statue of a woman's head is shown against a white wall and has hair in it
ZsaZsa Bellagio
a statue is shown in the water with its arms up and hands behind her head
A sculture by Malgorzata Chodakowska
a sculpture of two people's heads with their faces touching each other, against a white background
Angeles Anglada, 1965 | Figurative sculptor
a green sculpture with birds flying around it
Philip Wakeham
a sculpture of a man's head is shown next to a plaster bust
Гипсовая голова своими руками