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two hands with red nail polish on them and the caption says,'saddomi co deltas? ja lakuuji si nehty
a black and white dog swimming in a pool with the caption'kdyz plavete a neco se vam ottre o nou '
a brick wall with the words in russian and english
a black and white photo with the words beze, dei trelevost, protezesti mi dati daas siu
a black and white cat sitting on the side of a building with caption saying se'u na to budu pavouk
Muž sedí na židli a dívka... | Obrázky | FunGate.cz
a koala bear sitting on top of a tree next to a man with a speech bubble
a broken glass window with the caption bud bolo to sko tyrobene vne, alebo ta muha v nemecku
a white cat laying on top of a bed next to the words nerusit
two police officers with cameras in their hands and the caption that says, lovoi pokadu
an image of a turtle saying, optimism is the best way to see life
What Would You Like Me to Write About?
a black cat sitting on top of a box with scissors in it's mouth
Na co čumíš, jsem pirát | | FunGate.cz
na co cumis jsme pirat
a black and white cat sitting on top of a chair next to a man writing
Vtipy na účet koronaviru
Národ se baví vtipy na téma koronavirových opatření.
two cats laying on top of a bed next to each other with speech bubbles above them
Spíš, mladej? | Obrázky | FunGate.cz
Spíš, mladej?
Funny Kids, Play, People, Gaming Memes, Gamer Meme
Přestaň střílet idiote!!! | | FunGate.cz
an image of a funny insect with words in the background that say, i'm not