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a black and white drawing of a yin - yang symbol with numbers in the middle
Fotos En Cómo, De Abalorios 1ª Parte 030
an orange, blue and purple quilt with geometric designs on it's edges in the center
Blokken van de maand - Wilma Karels
Patchwork pattern: Geese and Butterflies
a blue and beige quilt with white triangles on the front, in an abstract pattern
an image of a paper with the words tea time diamonds on it and a drawing of a
Quiltworx.com - A Judy Niemeyer Company
a piece of paper with some stitching on it next to a pair of scissors
Freezer Paper Piecing Tutorial
Freezer Paper Piecing Tutorial | WendysKnitch | Flickr
a blue and white quilt with the words 20 inch on it
NEW Jinny Beyer's Mariner's Whirl - Quilt with Inklingo
three quilts with different designs on them
Free pattern day! Star Quilts (part 2)
a quilt pattern with the words marine compass on it
two red, white and blue quilts sitting on top of a wooden table
Patterns By Jen
two pieces of fabric sitting next to each other
Odds and Ends...
the block of the month quilt pattern
Free snowflake quilt block pattern
a multicolored hexagonal design on a wooden surface