Hisashi Okawa.

From Tokyo illustrator Hisashi Okawa who has a great playfulness to his style and whose work could easily translate into fabric.

Modern work by Bruno Walpoth who is an artist which makes incredible human sculptures from wood.

Title unknown by Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth Wood. via the artist's site


using everyday items, artist vanessa mckeown styles ordinary materials into playful and surreal 'fruloons & vegaloons'.

Public art

Kurt Perschke’s The Red Ball Project is reshaping cities. Made of flexible vinyl, his big red ball transforms spaces into pieces of art.

Maria Svarbova

zeroing: Maria Svarbova ©

Before Maria Svarbova became a photographer, she studied conservation, restoration and archeology, which shines through in her ongoing series, Swimming Pool.

Romina Ressia - Buenos Aires, Argentina Artist

Argentinian painter Romina Ressia took the classic renaissance portrait style and added a little modern twist to it

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NEW MANANTIAL - artnau | artnau