Veronika Stasiowska

Veronika Stasiowska

Veronika Stasiowska
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Watercolor Thistle Tattoo by color_impact

A thistle tattoo speaks of the pride in being Scottish, but you can also wear it as a talisman against the evil eye, damage, or others’ bad thoughts.

One of St Vitus cathedral's rose windows.(Prague, Czech Republic)

Czech Republic Picture: One of St Vitus cathedral's.


The holy grail, the Mount Everest, the nirvana of coffee—achieving espresso perfection is the goal of every true coffee devotee.

There is nothing more satisfying that a cup of espresso. Whether you have a small espresso machine or something more fancy, it matters not to Coffee Lovers. Coffee Lovers want a taste everyday regardless of size or cost. Coffee is awesome like that. ~Me