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ArtStation - practise, Way Way


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Meeting Room - $199

Stealing Stories For the Devil

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Definition and characteristics of a Dystopian Society


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a man riding on the back of a horse next to a giant lizard in desert
practise, Way Way
ArtStation - practise, Way Way
Fantasy Art, Fantasy Characters, Rpg Character, Character Design References, Dnd
Lost land - Princess Amira, 野格
a man with a baseball bat in front of some fire and flames on the ground
Shadow Realms: BioWares new RPG is fast, clever, and gleefully cruel
a woman sitting on the ground holding a lit candle in her hands while wearing a hoodie
What Is Urban Fantasy? Exploring the Genre and Its Unique Appeal -
Shinji Mikami, Japanese Yokai, Ghost Hunter, The Elder Scrolls, Action Adventure Game, Fallout New Vegas, The Evil Within, Supernatural Power, Game Trailers
Why Urban Fantasy Games Are More Prevalent in Japan Than In The US
Animation, Samurai, Fantasy Male, High Fantasy
Eagle Hunter Warlock, Sarunas Macijauskas
the tweet has been edited to be funny
a purple and white poster with words describing the different types of dogs
Perfectly ordinary dog
the tweet has been posted to someone who is trying to get their attention
the tweet has been posted to someone about what they're doing on twitter
not mine :)
an artistic painting of a bull wearing gold jewelry
Oouna on X
a person with a backpack standing in front of some stairs and an animal mural on the wall
the text on this tweet is very funny
a drawing of a man with dreadlocks and a scarf around his neck, looking to the side
✦ sunsworn 4 ✦
One of the Sunsworn, who made an oath to the sun god. #dnd #fantasy #darkfantasy #digitalart #portrait #dungeonsanddragons #sun #tribe
Croquis, Dragon Age Characters, Knight Art
an image of some character designs for the game frozen queen, with white hair and pink eyes
an article about black clothes on the front page of a news paper, with text that reads
Mage clothing
an image of a person's profile on the page, with text above it
a drawing of a woman with white hair and yellow eyes, wearing a black top
Art Shmart
a woman dressed in an orange and blue outfit with sun on her head, holding out her arms
Ideas, Art, Motivation, Characters