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Lifespan of a Tree

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The best timber job for an amateur, starting or affirmed handyman! Today I browsed the web for some fantastic woodworking tasks made coming from simple wood! There are actually plenty of sign concepts that it was actually difficult to limit it up to my to

Veritas® Tapered Gauges - Woodworking

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Sawing by hand. They knew about work then

capture lumberjacks working among the redwoods in Humboldt County, California, when tree logging was at its peak. I was born in Humboldt so I treasure the redwood forest history.

Extreme Trees - National Geographic

Classifying the world’s tallest, thickest, biggest, and oldest trees can be an extreme challenge. For the National Geographic “Extreme Trees” poster, featured in several of…

Don't just toss out broken saw blades, busted mirrors, and scrap wood. The trash lying around your house and your shop has uses you may never have imagined.

10 Tools Made From Recycled Parts

Adjustable marking gauge from a drywall screw, useful to create reference marks on a door jam prior to installing casing.

Loggers in California with the felled giant ‘Mark Twain redwood’, 1892

A giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, “Loggers and the giant Mark Twain redwood cut down in California,

☆ The Rune - is - I - Ice ☆

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