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the inside of an old barn with wooden floors and exposed ceilings, glass doors open to let in natural light
MW Works transforms century-old Washington barn into rural family retreat
MW Works transforms century-old Washington barn into rural family retreat
an instagramted photo of a living room with couches and tables in it
ARK Fabrication Works
an empty room with lots of windows in it
Quantum Computer Architect U.S. Michael Harrell
a black and white photo of a wooden structure with rivets on the side
Uou! Design — Furn joint 2
Uou! Design — Furn joint 2
two wooden poles with metal rivets on them in front of a stone wall
Llano Ranch - Rustic - Austin - by Cornerstone Architects | Houzz
Llano Ranch - rustic - Spaces - Austin - Cornerstone Architects
a living room with a staircase next to a window
Administrative Quarantine
Escala de caragol amb esglaons de fusta i altell de disseny amb acer pintat de forja i barana de sirga horitzontal
a workbench in front of a large window
My workshop
#workbench. Love this! What a view!!! I think the chip catcher in the front of the workbench would also be a great idea for sewing. Maybe I wouldn't walk around with threads all over me :-)
a desk with a steering wheel on it in the middle of a room filled with furniture
H.O. Studley’s Workbench (Most of it, Anyway)
H.O. Studley's workbench...this is the Studley of the mind-boggling tool case.
an old wood burning stove in a shop with tools on the table and other items around it
Under my skin
specialcar: “Kris Forge and workshop ”
the inside of an old building with wood shavings on the floor and windows
Since 1937
Since 1937 by Kaká, via Flickr
a wooden table with some red stars on the wall
Entreprise familiale de brocante
Ancien établi d'atelier par le Marchand d'Oublis ☆ Brocante, déco vintage industrielle brocante campagne
the space table braces for this room are made from steel studs and wood
The Spice Table Braces For Debut in Little Tokyo
Elizabeth Daniels 12/10 Bryant Ng, former Chef-de-Cuisine at Pizzeria Mozza, is gearing up to debut his first solo venture, The Spice Table in Little Tokyo. As expected, the interior has shaped up...
an ornately decorated metal box sitting in the snow next to a tree and fence
√ 27 Best Barbecue Patio Ideas and Designs In 2019 - Trumtin