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a doll with red hair and blue dress sitting on top of a table next to water
Angel - Autor: Petruška
an embroidered brooch with red and grey designs on it's side, sitting on a white surface
broches cremalleras
pins made of zippers....ab-fab designs!
several pictures showing how to make a doll with pink hair and knitting needles in it
DIY Tutorial - Needle felted Waldorf inspired Doll Base
This tutorial for a needle felted doll base I happily share with you. It took me quite a while to develop an easy way to create a s...
a car dashboard with several different colored balls on it and the words, felt ball vent clip diffuser diy
Easy Wool Ball Diffuser For Your Car!
Easy wool ball diffuser for your car!
a needle - felt doll is sitting on top of a stuffed animal
So pretty, needle felted mother and daughter
an image of three people in the grass with some yarn on them and one is holding a balloon
Felted family picture scene parents and little boy