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The Clown Marionette / Czech Marionettes By Rici

His head is cast in hardened dental plaster. His hands are made of special elastic materials and he holds a rose.

Axa Marionettes

Axa Marionettes

Through his photo project shared on his Instagram, Turkish architect Yener Torun takes us to rarely seen Istanbul, where the discovery of unusual and colorful architecture that despite what we usua

Just think of the Istanbul photos you have seen before: grand mosques, old streets, seagulls over the Bosphorus. I show a completely different side. Even long-term residents can’t believe these pictures were taken in the city they live in.

Dancing Marionette - Jade Alger

Based on the legend of Beckov, a town and castle in Slovakia, this polymer clay marionette is intended for house shows and street performances. In the legend, Becko is a court jester who accompanies Stibor the King on a hunting … Continued