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Sniper... now what's that name of that camo on his cloak or whatever you call it don't be afraid to message help is always apreciated

You do not have to have expensive patterns to give you good camouflage and concealment, a gray dress shirt and a pair of light khaki pants is way more effective than tactical Tim dressed in SWAT black!

Tactical poncho from Hazard 4.

Think Ponchos aren& exciting? Maybe you& never seen the Poncho Villa Technical Soft Shell Poncho. (Not to be confused with Pancho Villa--the Mexican Revolutionary General.) I& always carried a Poncho in my BOB and car bag.

Oakley Military Wet Weather boots dry almost instantly. Might get these for ranger school

Oakley Military Wet Weather boots dry almost instantly. Not sure how well the flippers would work with boots though.

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Night Vision Thermal Rifle Scope of new Digital generation perfect for Night Hunting or Observing. Get at best price from Night Hunter.

helicopter future - Google Search

Flying Lightning: Russia's New High-Speed Military Helicopter Taking Shape Russia is developing a new high-speed combat copter in addition to the existing Ka.

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The SWAT RHINO is a special rescue vehicle coming soon to the LAPD in year It is heavily armored and made to rush into intense situations safely transporting a large team of SWAT officers. This concept design …

War machine

Five mean looking Bug Out Vehicle that are adequately furnished to help you escape from disaster or war zone, smoothly and safely.