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Good loses. Good always loses. Because good has to play fair. -ouat Henry Mills
Tereza Vorlíčková
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Hi, Beautiful / Cool Ideas

Hi, Beautiful / Cool Ideas

Cassandra Jean - The Shadowhunters' Wiki

cassandraclare: “ Will/Tessa comic from Cassandra Jean and me. Tessa comes back from her yearly meeting with Jem with some news for Will. Or: when James Herondale got his name. With guest appearances.

Place of quirkiness — Drusilla in a shadowhunter gear because damn this...

hauntedduckprincess: “ Drusilla in a shadowhunter gear because damn this girl definitely needs more love

I love this headcanon I need Max and THIS happen to him in TVshow but not yet. It's too early

“Alec getting a surprise visit (while being in job) by his cute lill’ warlock son, Max Lightwood-Bane magnus was teaching him how to make portals and he decided to pay his daddy a.