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in dog years i'm dead

oh god there's this perfect fic where ithro's just laughing so hard he's crying and glanni's staring in awe and calls him gorgeous rip

The words like praying doesn't mean someone standing in front of God and pray. Praying literally means, saying things to yourself. There is a God in everyone, remember that one first. I am just making a literal translation of Tamil to English. Some words like wishing, cursing etc only take the connotative meaning. If you keep saying a thing within the heart, still the negative energy will be generated and stab my heart.

The beautiful and bizarre digital illustrations of Mexican artist Chiara Bautista - This is part of a lovely series of pieces about these two characters. Truly beautiful and unique.

Bear Sitting Metal Wildlife Wall Yard Art Silhouette

Bear Sitting Metal Wildlife Wall Yard Art Silhouette This would look perfect with 2 cubs!