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Mmm... A serene sailboat glides away into the sunset on a still sea... Nature's beauty
Jet in Carina Nebula 13x19 inch Astronomy ♥ ♥ ♥ MORE of God's SPECTACULAR creations ~ http://godsgardenofeden.wix.com/holistichealthwellnessbeauty#!universe/cb0
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Taughannock Falls just outside of Ithaca, New York • photo: Art Hughes on PhotoNet
Are you a beach bunny or a mountain goat? Take this fun quiz to find out!
North-Central Florida.  Quite a lovely spot to linger.
Beautiful Photography Inspiration - If Deana could come back....www.adealwithGodbook.com
Nature Photography Sun Light in Forest by SoulCenteredPhotoart, $42.00
Not the exact picture but we have an old road on our farm that looks exactly like this.