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coffee addiction cozies and coasters in laser-cut felt
This would solve my problem of constantly spilling coffee on myself while walking to the car. Maybe. Leather Mason Jar Mug Sleeve on Food52
The MUGGER  Leather Coffee Sleeve with Mug by VonTanninLeatherCo, $40.00
Handmade Cylinder Leather Pen Holder
Подстаканник "Будь на коне" 31 01 01 | Интернет-магазин Белый Ясень
DIY Bolsa
Never thought of doing this!  Make your own wire stamp.  I would assume (uh-oh) you would heat it over fire and then "brand" it into the leather.
Leather mason jars sleeves!!!!!
Lyndsay. A Handmade Leather Eyeglass / Glasses / by madebynick