Nature is watching you!

Pixels eyes Nature is watching you!

DIY Stuffed Bread Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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Fensterbild Winter Schneemann

výzdoba oken v mš zima ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Lampara de papel                                                                                                                                                      Más

How to decorate a paper lightshade.

čapí hnízdo

čapí hnízdo

The Gorilla and the Butterfly

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Another great photo of this gorilla studying this tiny butterfly because of how beautiful it is. Most butterflies are found to have unique textures on its wings and represent a different meaning. The gorilla has a mind like Clegg, studying Miranda.

Cavalos by Daniel Alho

Love the mane blowing in the wind!

Cat wedding topper fondant tutorial It might be fondant but I'm sure you can make it with polymer clay too =D

Wonderful Clay Art Ideas

DIY Clay Cute Cat - adaptable to fondant

Reasons to protect the arctic & reduce our environmental impact... For the bears & the future. Pic via @LIGHTWorkersi pic.twitter.com/GPaJL2R3uf

Lee Vickers on

A Polar Bear Mother's wonderful love for her Baby Cub.

Gorongosa, Africa.

Moçambique: A África que fala Português

Look at this elephant taking a shower. Now look at your life. Now back at the elephant. And back at your life. Cry a little because you're not as happy as this shower-taking elephant.

Nejlepší dort na světě

Nejlepší dort na světě. (http:

Mamine vodové rožky (fotorecept)

Mamine vodové rožky (fotorecept) 600 g múka hladká 1 PDP 42 gdroždie dl…

Polar bear sunset • photo: Galina Eremina on Safari-Ukraina                                                                                                                                                      More

Les plus beaux couchers de soleil aux pays des glaces

@ Arctic Sunset [polar bear mother and cub]

DIY Tutorial: DIY Arts &  Crafts / DIY Origami Flower Box - Bead&Cord

DIY Origami: DIY Origami Flower Box for pocket spell pouches.

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Rychlý koláč jehož přípravu zvládnete do 5 minut!